pvsyst workshop

Date and Time: 21 February 2021 (Sunday), 9 AM to 3.30 PM (with two breaks in between)

About PVSyst Software:

     PVSyst is a solar PV system designing software that is used to estimate and optimize the power output of a solar power plant. PVSyst is well acknowledged and widely used in industry for system designing purposes. PVSyst facilitates users to do real-life simulations related to the PV power output, system losses, effect of shadings. It also facilitates financial analysis, The reports generated with the help of PVSyst help designer in understanding the overall performance of a solar power plant. It also helps in verifying viability and bankability of the projects.

Contents Covered:

  • A complete walk-through of the PVSyst software
  • Locate and import the correct Meteorological data for your PV plant
  • Technical design of complete project using PVsyst
  • Identification of Energy yield prediction
  • Perform grid-connected PVSyst simulations of up to 1-2 MW
  • Analyze system layout and shading issues.
  • Creating Detailed Project Report using PVSyst
  • Carry out financial calculations and inspect bankability projections

Benefits of doing this course:

  • Learn to design complete PV project on your own using PVsyst
  • Special batch for Engineering Students of all branches
  • Hands-on Training using PVSyst software
  • Useful for strengthening your CV/Resume

e-Certificate will be awarded to those who successfully complete the course

For queries, contact: 7020237919