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 whatsapp mentions    The recent circulations on WhatsApp groups are confirming the upcoming features to the WhatsApp group. The speculated list is much lengthy. Some are talking about public group while others (like me) are curious about mentions. I am excited to use mentions feature. Actually, I am already using it by typing ‘@’ before the name of the person (especially when I am trolling a specific person). In this post, listing out the details of upcoming features of WhatsApp;

WhatsApp Mentions:

     This feature allows you to tag specific person (or maybe even a group) in post. Twitter has this feature. In twitter, if you type ‘@’ following name of twitter handle, it will tag that user in the tweet. The same method may be followed in WhatsApp. The tagged person will get notification about mention. This is must-have personalization and it is need of time.

Group Invites:

     Till now, WhatsApp is working as a software platform. The only way to open it on internet is through web.WhatsApp.com (or by desktop app on windows 10 PC). With Group Invites feature, every group will get URL address which can be used to invite new members to the group.

     This feature is great for groups related to social causes, etc.

Public Groups:

     Again, another great feature for groups related to social cause or open issues. The chats and conversations will be open to all and anyone can join the group (may require approval by admin) and discuss the issue. The topics and scope for public groups is infinite, how about a upcoming cricket match?

Music Streaming:

     Music streaming from Apple will be made available. Moreover, you can share locally stored music which can be played in the app itself. However, this last feature is not confirmed. Lets wait till the update arrives.

     Huhh, WhatsApp is changing, changing for good purpose. It is incubating the good things from other social networking sites. Lets wait for the update. One more thing, n facebook universal app which we have seen in one of the previous post is now available for download. I have updated that post. Click here to download official Facebook app.

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