Vidya Vox: Redefining Kerala’s Folk Music

Vidya Vox Folk     Few months ago, my friend Moneshwar shown me Vidya Iyer’s video. I liked it. Later, after a week or so, I downloaded all of her videos from her YouTube channel. Vidya Iyer’s stage name is Vidya Vox. The song that I first listened was ‘Be Free – Pallivaalu Bhadravattakam’.  The rhythm impressed me. I was addicted to the song for few weeks.

What about Folk Music?

     So, I was talking about a folk song Pallivaalu Bhadravattakam. In Malayalam, Pallivaalu means a sword in temple shaped in ‘C’ at the tip. Bhadravattakam is anklet. This song is sung at the local temples in Kerala to celebrate the victory of goddess Kali over demon Darika. The song was being recorded and played on same rhythm and tempo for past few decades. It was Vidya who redefined the song in her latest ‘Be Free’ mashup song. She was in India during Christmas holidays. The song inspired her colleague Shankar Tucker who later decided to recreate it. Shankar is music composer by profession. Following is the part of traditional song following Vidya’s version of it. Vidya’s sister Vandana Iyer also appeared in the song.

Here is the full song – Be Free (Original) | Pallivaalu Bhadravattakam

Vidya Vox: What Else??

     Vidya was born in Chennai, India and brought up in Virginia, United States. She has a degree in Psychology! After completing her graduation, Vidya came India to learn Hindustani Classical music. Being a Malayalam, she used to sing local songs in US. She had a dream to connect western and Hindustani music. Vidya’s musical blends are seamless.

I wanted the two worlds to marry, and that’s exactly what mashups do for me.

-Vidya Vox

     Apart from Be free, Vidya has dozens of songs for her listeners. By the way, more than 3.3 million users have subscribed her YouTube channel till date! If you don’t know where to start, I recommend watching my video below. I have gathered my favorite 6 songs. Listen Vidya’s 6 songs in just 2 minutes!! I am sure you will love them.

     Closer-Kabira, Diamonds, Sorry-Kandukondain, Shape of You-Cheez Badi Hai, Kuthu Fire, Kunttandan Punjayile-Kerala Boat Song. Which one did you like the most?? Let me know your choice. Before you leave this blog, dont forge to like my Facebook page. Thank you. Have a great time!

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