How To Verify GST in Hotel Bill

mcdonald GST in Hotel Bill     Last week, I went to McDonalds with friends for brunch. We ordered the food and took our seats. As a habit, I crosschecked the order and the amount (As I have bad experience of fraudulent bills). Moreover, I wanted to check how GST was applied on the total amount. Everything was fine. I continued the discussions. The idea of this post originated here.

     Have you ever checked your hotel / restaurant bill after the GST roll out? Do you know that you can easily check the authenticity of your bill? If you don’t know where to start, you are at the right place.

     In order to verify the GST in hotel bill, you need to understand following things about GST bills;

  • Check GSTIN format
  • Verify the GSTIN No
  • Verify GST Rates
  • How to lodge complaint

Check GSTIN Format to Understand GST in Hotel Bill

     GSTIN is mandatory on all GST invoices. Most important thing! GSTIN is unique code. These are actually 15 alphanumeric digits having state code, PAN number of hotel/ restaurant operator information.  Following is the structure of the GSTIN code.

GSTINformat and structure


The state codes are as follows;

01 Jammu and Kashmir 19 West Bengal
02 Himachal Pradesh 20 Jharkhand
03 Punjab 21 Orrissa
04 Chandigarh 22 Chattisgarh
05 Uttarakhand 23 Madhya Pradesh
06 Haryana 24 Gujarat
07 Delhi 25 Daman and Diu
08 Rajastan 26 Dadar and Nagar Haveli
09 Uttar Pradesh 27 Maharashtra
10 Bihar 28 Andhra Pradesh
11 Sikkim 29 Karnataka
12 Arunachal Pradesh 30 Goa
13 Nagaland 31 Lakshadweep
14 Manipur 32 Kerala
15 Mizoram 33 Tamil Nadu
16 Tripura 34 Puducherry
17 Meghalaya 35 Anadaman and Nicobar Islands
18 Assam

Just remember your state code. In my case it is 27 (Maharashtra).

Verify the GSTIN No

      Once you confirm the format of GSTIN no., now you need to cross check it. It is good if you find the name of the hotel / restaurant operator. Government has released all GSTIN related data on public domain. Anyone can check it anytime. Visit the following website to verify the GSTIN/ UIN.

     Once you enter the 15-digit GSTIN and complete the captcha, you will get the following information;

  2. Legal Name of Business
  3. Centre Jurisdiction
  4. State Jurisdiction
  5. Date of registration
  6. Constitution of Business
  7. Taxpayer Type
  8. GSTIN / UIN Status
  9. Date of Cancellation

     If you find everything relevant. You are good to go to next section.

Verify GST Rates

     This is crucial as most of the people get confused about the GST rates. I have prepared a simplified chart. It will clarify your doubts about GST rates.

Restaurant GST Rate Table

hotel accommodation rent GST rate table

Click here to see the updated rates (official government portal)

How to lodge complaint

     If you find something suspicious about the bill, communicate the same to the hotel / restaurant operator. Remember every GST bill should have correct GSTIN on it. Do not pay the tax if correct GSTIN is not printed on bill.

     To lodge official complaint against the hotel / restaurant, you can mail your details at They do have a telephonic contact no. 0120-4888999, 011-23370115.

     Moreover, you can tweet to @askGST_Goi and @FinMinIndia regarding your concern.

Do you know?

     Next time when your employer asks you to submit travel and food bills, be careful about the bill details. Your employer can track your sequence of activities using above-mentioned methods and information. This is especially important for those who are travelling in more than 1 state.

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