Save Electricity, Save Energy
Save Electricity, Save Energy

     Cost of electricity is hiking every day. We have to find energy alternatives for future generation. Though solar is a ray of hope in this field, the technology is not full-fledged yet. Scientists are working on increasing efficiency and reducing cost of solar cell. A major breakthrough invention is expected in this field.

     In such situations, incorporating ‘best electricity usage habit’ will be a logical solution. It is our social responsibility to save as much as possible units of electricity.

1. Use natural lighting wherever possible (your window can save money by reducing electricity bills. Use them efficiently)

2. Use fluorescent bulbs instead of incandescent bulbs. Next time when you see a faulty incandescent bulb, replace it with compact fluorescent lamp (CFL)

3. Instead of bright and colorful screen saver options, please choose dark but descent options. If we implement this on large scale, we can save hell amount of electricity.

4. Switch off scanners and printers (especially laser printers) unless printing time.

5. Choose low wattage appliances while buying new electrical appliance like Mixer, TV, Refrigerator, induction stove, etc.

6. Set your air conditioner a few degrees higher in summer and a few degrees lower in winter to save electricity.

7. Use drying rack to dry to dry clothes. Use machine drier only in emergency conditions.

8. Switch off air conditioners in office 10 minutes before you leave. This will cut your electricity bill considerably.

9. Choose renewable energy oriented appliances such as Solar water heater, solar cooker.

10. If you are using electric iron for more than 3 clothes then switch off iron for last cloth. Heat inside iron is sufficient to iron 1 cloth. If possible, iron your clothes at a time.

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