Check Petrol Diesel Price Today

petrol price today     The price of petrol and diesel is going to update on daily basis from June 16, 2017. As I explained in my previous post, changing prices daily has many benefits. The reasons are explained with statistics in the post. Read the full article here.

Oil pump owners will get the price updates via 4 ways;

  1. Pump owners will get personally customized SMS from distributor
  2. Company hasa system to send revised prices through customized e-Mails
  3. The fuel costs would be updated on Fuel@IOC mobile app
  4. The price details will be available on web portals for public access.

Consumers can get the pump-wise petrol diesel price today using following ways;

By Sending SMS– A dedicated information system is deported for customers. Customer need to send SMS in following format;


Send this message to 9224992249. Within few seconds, consumers will receive todays petrol diesel price at the pump whose code is mentioned in the SMS.

It is mandatory for pump owners to display the code in public premise. So that consumers can find the dealer code easily.

By using Mobile App-

You can download Fuel@IOC app from google play store for android mobiles. The app link is available here.

The Traditional Route-

     Most of the local newspaper publish daily rates of gold, silver, chicken, etc. Daily weather reports are another example of traditional broadcasting. The fuel prices will join the team soon.

HP Web Portal-

     State run Hindstan Petrolium Corporation Limited has a portal which shows prices of petrol in major cities across country. You can visit the portal here. They have plenty of options to try. This portal is best to compare the fuel prices in different cities.You can see metro-wise, district-wise and captial-wise retail selling prices. As mentioned on the site, the prices may vary pump to pump in the city.


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