Modi Vs Trump: The Game of Status Quo

Modi Vs Trump

     The Indo-American relationship which was flourishing under Barak Obama’s leadership has dark future for now. Earlier, Indian PM Narendra Modi used to have great friendship with ex-POTUS Obama. The newly appointed President of United States of America (POTUS); Donald Trump is taking pro-American decisions to make his country great again. Trump’s speeches and actions have confused the world. Trump’s opinions over Paris Climate Change Agreement and H1-B visa have strained the Indo-American relationship.

     Meanwhile, in March 2017, Donald Trump congratulated Mr. PM for BJP’s victory in the then held state elections. He also invited Modi to America. Finally, the date has been decided. Yes!! Narendra Modi will hold official meet with President Trump on 26 June 2017. Here starts a game of status quo.

Modi Vs Trump

     Both Modi and Trump share a strong personality. Their career in politics has much similar background. Following is the list;

  • They had criticism for their leadership from their own party
  • Both have contested elections for nations highest political designation
  • They are hardcore nationalists
  • Both have a strong message for their voters

     I want to make a point here. Modi is not Trump and Trump is not Modi.

India Plays It Safe

     Initiated in year 2009, the defense ministry of Government of India has finally scrapped 6,500 Crore Rs deal. The deal was proposed with an American aircraft manufacturing company Sikorsky. The deal was regarding 16 multi-role multipurpose helicopters. Actually, the ministry wanted to cut down the bid price of the deal. After various rounds of meetings with the firm, it was decided to withdraw the deal. The project has been transferred  into the Make In India drive.

     This decision is being considered as a defensive move by India.

     It will be interesting to see how Mr Modi and Mr. Trump interact. Their engagement will have huge impact on future social and political relation between India and America.

Waiting for exclusive Modi Vs Trump Show on 26 June 2017.


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