Messaging Everywhere temporary discontinued from W10 Preview Builds

messaging everywhere

     on June 28, 2016, Microsoft released new preview build 14376. The software giant is claiming for 1800 fixes than last built. For detailed list of fixes please visit here.

     As of today, there is one thing in specific which is even more interesting and trending than the build itself and that is termination of feature called ‘messaging everywhere’.

     But first let’s learn what this feature is all about. Actually, it is a universal messaging thing on UWP, which means you can receive and send carrier messages on your PC. This feature is available for those who signed up for technical preview builds. MS introduced this feature first in windows 10 mobile build 14327 and for PC build 14316.

So, if this feature is good, why MicroSoft decided to remove it?

     Well it’s not that it will be removed but MS says that Skype team will take over development of ‘messaging everywhere’ experience on universal windows experience. Hence, no ‘messaging everywhere’ on technical preview starting from build 14376 onwards. But in  future we are definitely going to get this feature in Skype app.

     Microsoft was going to release this feature at Anniversary update, but I guess we have to wait for it a bit longer.

     So, fellas just chillax, they are removing it for time being. Who knows that we might get even better experience of it with Skype. Moreover, there will be no surprise if Microsoft and their Skype team release update to Skype app and include ‘messaging everywhere’ feature around anniversary update this summer.

     Whats your take in this decision of the company? Will it boost the Windows Phone in future n any way? please share your thought that MS should include ‘messaging everywhere’  in Skype or it should remain with messaging app.

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