Mahavitaran Billing Fraud

mahavitaran billing fraud     It was a normal day for me. Monday – probably the most hated day in a week! I was preparing for college. (p.s. I work at college). During the morning rush, I received a message from electric utility MSEDCL (Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Corporation Limited). The message was regarding monthly meter reading.

     They send you message for meter reading confirmation. If you don’t reply or book complaint, they generate monthly electricity bill. After reading it, I confirmed from dad that a guy had recorded the meter reading yesterday. Since I was having couple of extra minutes that morning, I decided to cross-check the message. It was just a curiosity! I was sure that the guy did his job correctly until I saw the actual meter reading!
The incident took place on 24th July. The reading was taken on 24th June for previous monthly bill. This month reading was taken on 23rd July. The last month reading was 5360. MSEDCL recorded monthly reading as 5462 for this month. This was resulting in 102 units consumption. However, the actual reading was 5456, resulting in 96 units only. (See the video for the proof)

     Even if we assume that the billing authority added few units to make it monthly bill (since the recorded day was 29th day after previous meter reading), he should have added only 3 or 4 units extra. Moreover, such adjustment clearly makes the meter reading photo useless. MSEDCL claims that the billing system is transparent. They print meter reading photo on bill.

      I was shocked to see the miscalculations. This was not new for me. In past, I had such incident with bike dealer. It was the story of my first bike: Honda CB Unicorn 160. The dealer refused to deliver documents on said date. As I had to ride the bike on highways, I raised the issue to the higher authority. I got the documents within few hours on same day! Read the detailed story here.

The Solution:

    Coming back to the electricity bill. I called the customer care. The text message had customer care contact number. A lady took my complaint. This rarely happens when you call customer care center. They keep you on hold for hours. Nothing like this happened with me. I was satisfied with the call.

    After I returned from college in the evening, dad told me that MSEB (yeah! this is how they still call it! Old name) officials cross-checked the meter reading. Their quick response to the complaint surprised me. I thought this will take 3-4 days. The next morning, I received one more message from the company. It mentioned the new meter reading with 96 units consumption. At the end of the day, I saved 6 units i.e. 40 Rs for a month!

The small incident made me #Optimistic about life. That day, I learnt that if you use proper channel for expressing your grievances, your problems will be solved.

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