Karolina Goswami: A Lucky Guest of India

karolina goswami     I felt in love with this beautiful lady named Karolina Goswami after watching her videos on Youtube. Mrs. Goswami is famous for her honest and unbiased thoughts about India.

Who is Karolina Goswami?

     Karolina is Polish by birth and Indian by heart. She married to Mr. Anurag Goswami  who is an interior designer and entrepreneur. Karolina visited India for the first time in 2014. Before visiting here, she heard lot of rumor about the Indian society. Upon visiting the country, she realized that foreigners have been wrongly reported by the world media. Since then, she is discovering Real India through her blogs. She started a blog called ‘India in Details’ to express her feelings about current happenings.

     She speaks about Yoga, GST, Indian Martial Arts, Golden Temple, Indian Festivals, ISRO, Holy Cows, Aurveda, Sexual harassment of women, Food, Slum Areas. You may not believe but she even has one article related to Indian toilet system! Her videos are as beautiful as her eyes. Her production team does excellent video editing. Mrs. Goswami’s recent video on GST became viral on internet.

My favorite Picks From Her Youtube Channel;
1. India: The Future Superpower

     Just after few decades of independence, Indian companies are acquiring world leading brands. Indian economy has finally gained momentum. It is still in the 2nd gear but what is surprising that even in the 2nd gear, it has already become fastest growing major economy in the world. – Karolina Goswami

2. Vasudeva Kutumbakam

     The world does not need a superpower. It needs a superpower which also can be a SuperGuru; a super selfless teacher. It needs a VishwaGuru and it needs it before its too late. – Karolina Goswami

3. Why is the international media unfair to India?

     The thoughts about how world media is depicting false picture of India to the world are amazing. She claimed that British people wanted the world to falsely believe that they were the saviors of India. They were doing this to justify their unethical stay in India.

     This is just a glimpse of what Karolina Goswami is all about. Watching her videos is all-time-inspiring thing. With the project like ‘India in Details’, she is taking journalism to a whole new level.

Dear Mrs. Goswami, since you are active on social media, I am sure that one day you will come across my blog. I am grateful for your sincere observation and opinion. I am happy that you visited India. YOU ARE A LUCKY GUEST OF INDIA. – Pratik Joshi

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