Justice for Sathi Bai – Victim of demonetization

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Image Source: The News Minute

Dear Modi Ji,

     I have been following you since the day you were declared as a PM candidate. You are doing fabulous job in the PMO. On the behalf of all citizens, I would like to congratulate you for all that you are doing for the nation. I am not a political pundit. In my opinion, your biggest decision was to withdraw Rs. 500 and Rs.1000 currency from market. Demonetization has changed the mood of the nation. Months after the announcement, people are realizing the benefits of the demonetization.

     It was difficult to implement the decision in a country which is as big as a continent. Your government did a fantastic job in the first 50 days after demonetization. I am writing this letter because I want to share a story with you.

     20 years ago, a lady named Sathi bai retired from Kerala’s state veterinary department. She received a corpus of 10 Lakh Rupees after retirement. Her husband died when she was young. Her daughter died years ago. She used to live alone. She was afraid that people will take away her money. This is why she disconnected all contact with neighbors and relatives.

     During the demonetization period, Sathi Bai had approximately 4 Lakh Rupees in cash in her home. In the month of January 2017, when Sathi Bai went to deposit her cash, the bank officers refused to take the money. She was shocked by their behavior. As she was regular customer of bank (due to her pension account), the bank employee understood the situation. He explained the situation to local Panchayat members. The local Panchayat ward members formed an action committee. They documented the details and sent them to RBI and Ministry for approval. The bank employee clarified that they can receive the cash only after the approval from the ministry or RBI.

sathi bai justice
Image Source: The News Minute

     As usual, neither RBI nor ministry allowed the bank to receive old currency notes. I can understand the RBI’s stance. The local police raided her house as per rule and seized the old currency notes.  However, they requested income tax department to advice the lady on what can be done with the money and how she can convert her old currency into new one.

Till now, I can understand the government actions. But what made me sad is following drama;

     Sathi Bai was suffering from Kidney and heart disease.  Months after the demonetization incident, she was admitted to Ernakulum General Hospital. Unfortunately, She died on Thursday, 17 August.

     Actually, Sathi Bai’s case has 2 perspectives. Either Sathi Bai truly deserved the help from the government bodies or Panchayat ward members were trying to convert their old currency using Sathi Bai’s bank account. As I have received the information from the online media, I don’t know which side is true. One thing is sure that we must look into the matter. If Panchayat ward members were trying to convert their black money then they must be punished. If Sathi Bai was innocent, we should minus the amount seized by the local police from black money calculations (as this cash cannot be considered as black money).

     In other words, Sathi Bai needs justice. At the end of the day, She has become victim of Demonetization.

Dear Modi Ji, I request you to look into the matter and reveal the mystery. Let people see the example of good governance.

Yours sincerely,

Citizen of New India

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