Jaipur Metro Gets Its First Swachh Bharat Volunteer

     We all keep posting the news of how a Japanese citizen stitches the train coaches to save his country from embarrassment. But, very few of us follow the teachings of the story in practice. Jaipur Metro recently witnessed one such incident. A Facebook user Sunil Choudhary posted a photo of a boy cleaning metro floor. (image shown above). Being a daily passenger of the Metro, he managed to record the incident in his mobile camera. By now, the Facebook post has been shared by near about 5 thousand users, liked by 29 thousand users.

jaipur metro clean

The Jaipur Metro Story:

     The incident took place on 8 July, 2017. According to Mr Chaudhary, a boy was trying to take out the water bottle. To his unfortunate, his lunchbox dropped on the floor. The food inside it scattered everywhere in the metro. Everyone observed the incident and disappointed about the mess that the boy created. Obviously, all of them neglected the scene thinking that the metro floor will remain dirty till next cleaning schedule.

     The boy took the matter seriously and acted responsibly. In a natural case, the embarrassed boy could have shifted his place. In this case, he tore a page from his notebook, took his handkerchief and collected the food in the paper. Finally, he cleaned the area, wrapped the food in the paper and kept it in the bag. While some of the passengers were shocked to see his gesture, others like MR. Choudhary were feeling proud. Mr. Choudhary asked the boy his name thanked him before alighting the train. And the name of the superstar is Pranjal Dubey!

     Pranjal’s small gesture is worth hundreds of seminars and Swachh Bharat campaigns. His little act has re-energized the Clean India initiative. I thank Mr. Choudhari for bringing this inspiring story in front of all. Jaipur Metro has finally got its first Swachh Bharat volunteer! If we all keep our premises clean, we all can keep our country clean. Pranjal did it. I pledge to act. What about you? 

External Links: Sunil Choudhary’s facebook post


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