India Hired 2 Secret Islands To Counter Balance China

modi seychelles island     Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India remains in limelight because of his numerous foreign visits. His vibrant and popular foreign visits have changed the global sentiments about India. Sometimes, he surprised all by visiting never-heard countries like Kyrgyzstan, Laos and Seychelles. Wait! if you were criticizing PM for these visits then you are taking him completely wrong!!

     While China is warning India to take back its army from controversial Doklam area in 2017, Narendra Modi has done his field-work in year 2015 itself. During his state visit to Seychelles, he signed strategically important agreement with the 115-islands nation. India hired Assumption island from Seychelles to develop military base for Indian Armed Forces for surveillance and listening post.

     In another state visit to Mauritius, Modi grabbed one more island for India. India will be developing strategic infrastructural assets at Agalego island of Mauritius. This will strengthen air and sea connectivity. Also, the development will help Mauritius to improve its defense capabilities. It should be noted that both projects are under development. Assumption island is supposed to operate full-fledged from year 2018.

China’s Presence in Indian Ocean: String of Pearls
string of pearls china india
Image Courtesy: EdgarFabiano from Wikipedia

     China’s aggressive geographical expansion policy has created security dilemma between India and China. Moreover, China is covering Indian coastal line with string of naval bases in Myanmar, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Maldives and Pakistan (no. 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 as shown  in map above). Though the ports are used for commercial purposes, India needs to be attentive. In addition to this, China Pakistan Economic Corridor has worried India. To counter balance China, India is covering the Chinese string of pearls (line of ports) by developing naval and air bases at strategic locations. Obviously, Assumption island is one of them.

Assumption Island: No More Secret
agalego island india
Image Courtesy: Google Maps 2017

     The concept of developing offshore military bases was originated by  former PM Atal Bihari Vajpayee. Mr Vajpayee realized that India needs to build offshore military bases in order to establish supremacy. He succeed to launch India’s first offshore military base at Farkhor town of Tajikistan. Unfortunately, he couldn’t hold the mandate in upcoming elections. The newly formed UPA-I government under the leadership of Dr. Manmohan Singh obviously ditched this project from their agenda. Finally, Narendra Modi revitalized the secret plan in 2014. And the rest is the history…

     The Assumption island deal is one of the remarkable achievement of Narendra Modi’s foreign visits. He is taking courageous decisions to bring India’s glory back. I request all readers to support PM’s decisions. Have patience, anti-nationalists will be safely and carefully delivered to their final destination. Have a great Day!!

     By the way, if you observed the recent news about terrorists then you will find that Indian armed forces are no more catching terrorists. They are directly killing them on site. Thank you Modi ji for saving Biryani in Jail! – Author

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