Impose Income Declaration on Farmers

farmers mh     Now that Maharashtra government has declared to waive farmers loan, I am worried about extremely poor financial condition of the state. OK! I am not against the farmers. They have right to fight for their demands. In fact, everyone in the country has that right. I am thinking about those corrupt people (not limited to politicians) who shamelessly snatch governments financial packages for their personal growth.

     The idea of imposing income declaration on farmers struck into my mind after reading Hon. Minister of revenue and public works; Chandrakant Dada Patils article in Daily Pudhari (Read the article here). I have to clarify few things before I proceed. Please don’t call farmers illiterate. Don’t say that farmers can’t fill the income related information. If they can complete the bank procedure to take the loan, they can easily fill the information related to their earnings.

pudhari farmers article

Benefits of Imposing Income Declaration on Farmers

     Actually, asking farmers to declare their income has following benefits;

  1. Prime Minister Modi has declared to double farmers income by 2022. Let the people of country (especially people like me) know the current financial status of farmers. If Modi claims the achievement in 2022, how can I scale the progress? If farmers declare their current income, this will put exact and clear target in front of government.
  2. The farmers who seek loan after this June 2017 Loan waiver scheme become answerable to their future investments as they have to justify the source of income for their newly generated assets.
  3. Even if the financial state of few farmers remains unsatisfactory after 2-3 years, future government can easily identify truly deserving candidates for the loan waiver scheme.

     I know, things are not easy as they appear to be. Implementing this scheme is very challenging. But someone has to do this for the betterment of society. Waiving loan after every 4-5 years will bring burden on other sectors of society which will ultimately lead to retrogressed state. My only concern is to prevent freeloaders.

     A twitter user, Pratik Mukane has perfectly expressed my feelings on recent loan waiver scheme. Here is the tweet;

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  1. Ranjeet Patil

    Main problem of farmers is cost of products. Government should decide MSP which gives minimum 150% of there investment. But now Days situation is government gives Rs.4 rupees MSP to garlic,which is 70-80 rupees kg in market. If farmers increase there production problem remains same. So government should declear MSP as possible as near to market rate.

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