Final GST Rates for Goods

     The final GST rates decided in GST council meeting is shown below. The information is collected solely from government website after hours of documentation work.

GST Rates for Goods
0% GST

     Live Animals (Except Live horses); Meat (except frozen state); Fish, mollusks and other aquatic invertebrates (unprocessed); Dairy Products, Fresh Milk, Pasteurised milk, seperated milk and cream (without sweetening content), Eggs, Curd, LAssi, Butter Milk, Paneer, Chena, Natural Honey (unbranded); Human hair; All live tree related goods; Edible Vegetables (excluding frozen or preserved state); fresh fruits (excluding frozen or preserved); unprocessed leaves of tea; fresh ginger; not roasted coffee beans; non-branded cereals; unbranded aata, maida, besan; seed quality soya beans, ground nuts, linseed, sunflower seeds, palm nuts; betel leaves; cane Jaggery; Puffed Rice, Pappad, Bread; Prasad; Neera; un-branded Tender coconut water; Water (except mineral, aerated,purified,distilled); Rock salt; common salt; Contraceptives; Human blood; Organic fertilizers; Kumkum, Bindi, Sindur; Municipal waste; Clinical waste; Plastic Bangles; Condoms and contraceptives; Stamp papers; Envelope, post cards; Agricultural tools; Handloom; Spacecraft (including satelite); Spacecraft launch vehicles; Hearing aids; Passenger baggage; Gandhi Topi; Khadi yarn;

5% GST

     Fish, mollusks and other aquatic invertebrates (unprocessed); UHT Milk, milk poweder, yogurt, birds’ eggs, paneer (frozen or preserved); Bird skins, hogs’ and pigs’ hair and bristles, bones; Edible Vegetables (frozen or preserved state); fresh fruits (frozen or preserved); roasted coffee beans; Vanilla, cereal, flakes; non-seed quality soya beans, ground nuts, linseed, sunflower seeds, palm nuts; natural gum, resins; Rudraksha seeds; Vegetable fats and oil; Beet sugar, Cane sugar; Pizza Bread; Sweetmeats; Tobacco leaf; All kind of sulphur; Chalk; Coal; LPG; Natural Rubber; Newsprint rolls; Building bricks; renewable energy systems; Solar panel systems; wind mill; wind operated generator; Railway Coach; Broomstick; Cotton related material;  Ice; Bio-gas; Insulin; Agarbatti;

12% GST

     Meat (in frozen state); Butter, Oils extracted from milk, Cheese; Dry fruits; Animal fats and oils; Roasted Cocoa beans, shells husks, paste; fruit pulp; Marble and Granite blocks; Anesthetics; retail products of Ayurveda, Unani, homeopathy, siddha and bio-chemistry; Fountain and ball pen link; Tooth powder; Candles; X-ray plates; Sports gloves; Revenue Stamp; Umbrella; household utensils of Copper and Aluminium; Pencil sharpeners and blades; Telecommunication parts; Electric Vehicles; Tractors; Surgical Apparatus; Braile Watches; Fishing rods and hooks; Pencils; Fruit Jam; Sauce; Chess Board; Carrom Board

18% GST

     Condensed Milk; Malt; Indian Kaatha; Edible mixtures of vegetable or animal fats; Refined Sugar; Pasta, Corn Flake, pastries and cakes; Ice cream, Sharbat; Supari; Diabetic foods; Vinegar, Ethyl Alcohol; Petroleum jelly; Paraffin wax; Pigments; Printing, drawing and writing ink; Hair oil; Soap; Gelatin; Plastic pipe, tubes; Toilet tissue; Carbon paper; Registers, Account books; Helmets; Spectacle Glasses; Pig iron, Ferro-alloys; Electric Motors: Refrigerated containers; Optical Fibers; Military Weapons (excluding pistol and revolver); Laboratory Chemicals; Static converters (Inverters); CCTV; Electrical Transformer;

28% GST

     Molasses; Chewing Gum; Chocolate (without cocoa); Cocoa butter, powder, Chocolates (with cocoa); chocolate coated wafers; Instant Coffee; Custard powder; Pan Masala; Aerated water; Portland cement; Avgas; Paints and varnishes; Perfume; Fireworks; Particle Board; Plywood; Razor Blades; Primary batteries; Vacuum cleaners; Insulated Wires and Cables; Wrist-watches; Revolver and pistol;

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