FAKE Modi Laptop Scheme Goes Viral

If you receive a message about Narendra Modi Laptop distribution scheme, IGNORE IT! It’s fake!

Taking advantage of Modi government’s Digital India campaign, few tech experts have started a ‘sharing-chain’ of the laptop distribution scheme.

modi laptop scheme

Modi Laptop Scheme – Real Scheme

     Once you click on the link given at the end of message, you are directed to the website. It has a photo of Narendra Modi using laptop. Below photo, they ask your Full Name, Your State and the Brand of Laptop you want from Modi ji. Lenovo, HP, Dell, Toshiba, hcl are listed on most of the websites. A Next button is provided below the information. Once you click next, you are asked to share this news to get eligible for the laptop distribution scheme.

     On the very first page, you will notice floating advertisements on the website. These ads are the true reason behind spreading such duplicitous scheme.

     When you visit the website, you will either click on the website or share the message to 10 or 15 people. The person who is deliberately spreading this scam has twice the chances of money making. He will get the money instantly if you click on advertisement. If not, he has next bunch of people who are going to visit the website after receiving the shared link.

The other side of the story

     While, the innocent people fill the data and leave the website, the makers of the fake modi laptop scheme are already making lot of money. However, as the scheme itself is fake, no one will get the laptop!! Now the question of reliability and credibility of the government appears here. People are expecting high from the Modi government. If they don’t receive the laptop (this is what going to happen actually) they are going to blame the government. Not all but few illiterate people will definitely consider this scam as government’s failure.

     Hence, I request all readers to not to click on the links given in the message. I also request government to take necessary actions against those who are defaming the government.

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