Dr Balwant Ghatpande: Serving Daily 10 Hours at The Age of 102

Dr Balwant Ghatpande     A doctor-patient conflict is the latest buzz in the medical field. The ever increasing competition and individual ambitions of doctor has turned this noble profession into business. Doctors are unable to make emotional contact with patients and their relatives. Today, while we see many corrupt and selfish people around us, there are exceptions too. Dr. Balawant Ghatpande is one of those humble personalities from the medical field.

     Dr Ghatpande is from Pune. Can you believe this man!! He is older than the India!  He was 32 years old when India got independence. He might be working as a doctor since we got the independence! This means that he has witnessed all political, economical and social changes that took place in the country.

Quick Look
  • Dr. celebrated 102th birthday on March 15, 2017.
  • Doctor serves minimum 10 hours everyday. He don’t like to sit idle.
  • He loves reading medical journals and newspapers
  • He has no retirement plan!!
  • Dr. Ghatpande follows strict fitness routine.
  • Doctor has donated his earnings to more than 35 NGO’s around Pune.
  • Dr charges merely 30 Rs per patient. Shocking yeah!

     Though I don’t expect every doctor to charge as low as Rs. 30 per patient, I do have strong objection to the heavy service fees that most of the doctors charge. Most of the doctors are dependent on modern medical machines. These machines have not only forced doctors to recover their investment from patients but also affected personal judgement in diagnosis and treatment.

Advice to Young Doctors

     Like all veteran doctors, Dr. Balwant Ghatpande suggest youngsters to do medical practice as a social service and not as business. He urge all doctors to donate 5 to 10 % of their earnings for social welfare as their social responsibility.

Surprising Last Wish

     When asked about retirement, Dr. Ghatpande said that they want to die while working in the dispensary. There is not retirement plan at all.


     Dr. Ghatpande is real hero of India.  He is one of those underrated personalities in society who deserve some social recognition. Hence, this post. If you like the post and inspired by him, do like our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter.

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