Android, Windows and Girlfriend

Android, Windows and Girlfriend     Hello friends! Being a windows phone lover, I have joined various windows phone groups on Whatsapp. Considering my knowledge, one group made me admin on friendship day. I solve their problems and answer to the queries.

     Yesterday one windows phone user argued to me. He was using Windows 10 mobile technical preview which has some software glitches. Frustrated with the technical preview he said,

     “I hate windows phone. Even a single app on windows platform is not good. All apps are worst in windows phone. I hate it and I will move on to android.”

     I started explaining about windows 10 and its features. He said that windows 10 will be worst. I explained the restrictions of platform and reason behind providing technical preview but he didn’t understand. I was tortured and our discussion finally stopped by a small comparison. I compared Android and Windows Phone to a girl. I said,

     “Don’t fall in love with a girl by seeing her figure and facial beauty. You may suffer in future!! Always look at the character of a girl before making her your girlfriend.”

     Where Structure and beauty refers to UI of android apps, character refers to quality and security of windows apps. I don’t know whether he got my point or not but soon after typing this I realized the idiotic comparison. It was true yet irrelevant. What do you say?

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Is Narendra Modi Left Handed?

    Few days back, I was making a list of famous lefty persons. I was searching for people who made big news in last year. When I googled for Prime Minister of India Sri Narendra Modi, the results were confusing. So, I decided to blog about it.

     Like every Indian, I am a huge fan of NaMo. I only got to know about him few months before he joined national politics. From then, I have written many articles on his political career(check them here). I do watch his all public speeches and follow all important news. I have even told to Cortana to follow news related to Modi. (Now that has made this post suitable for this windows phone blog.)

     Here are few occasions when we saw Mr. Modi using his left hand for major actions;

Places left hand over right while clapping

     There are many occasions when you can see Mr. Modi placing left hand over right hand (this is how we lefty people clap) while clapping. A speech after successful launching of Mangalyan by ISRO proved it again.

Serves Tea with left hand

     After taking charge in PMO, Modi has taken remarkable decisions. His foreign policies and talks with American President Mr. Barak Obama received huge attention from the masses. But have you noticed his lefty behavior during Chai Pe Charcha held at Hyderabad House? He had used left hand to prepare and serve tea to the Obama.

Uses left hand for batting while playing cricket

     A friendly cricket match was organized during opening of international cricket stadium in Rajkot. Mr. Modi played cricket with his left hand in the game.

Flies kite with left hand

     During Makar Sankranti festival, Modi made front page story by flying kite with Bollywood actor Salman Khan at Ahmadabad.

     Does this mean that Modi is lefty? Well, the coin has other side too.

Uses right hand while writing
narendra modi lefty

Uses left as well as right hand while eating

     Mr. Modi usually eats with right hand. When he has to use spoon, he does it with the left.

modi eating lefty

     This stuff made me curious about Sri. Modi’s left-handness. I asked him on twitter and Facebook about this but there was no reply. However, sources close to Mr. Modi have cleared to a newspaper that he was born ‘left-handed’ but forced to be ‘right-handed’ through training in childhood.

Conclusion: Mr. Narendra Modi is just another lefty person who was forced to be righty in his childhood.

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