India Hired 2 Secret Islands To Counter Balance China

     Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India remains in limelight because of his numerous foreign visits. His vibrant and popular foreign visits have changed the global sentiments about India. Sometimes, he surprised all by visiting never-heard countries like Kyrgyzstan, Laos and Seychelles. Wait! if you were criticizing PM for these visits …

Modi Vs Trump: The Game of Status Quo

     The Indo-American relationship which was flourishing under Barak Obama’s leadership has dark future for now. Earlier, Indian PM Narendra Modi used to have great friendship with ex-POTUS Obama. The newly appointed President of United States of America (POTUS); Donald Trump is taking pro-American decisions to make his country great …

Narendra Modi and Angela Merkel Meme

     First of all, I am a huge fan of Modi ji. I have been following him since December 2013. PM has been my great inspiration when it comes to personality development. His personality traits are fabulous. He is energetic, enthusiastic. Being photogenic, he takes lot of care while facing the camera.

     Recently, during his Germany visit, Mr Modi discussed with German Chancellor on the issues of science and technology, trade and investment, energy, security, infrastructure, counter-terrorism, skill development, innovation, transportation, health, etc.

     During the visit, he posted photos with German chancellor Angela Merkel. The idea of Modi-Merkel Meme this post originated from those awkward clicks of the leaders. Thanks to the photographers! 🙂 Whenever I see them, I think of  some imaginative quotes and laugh out.  Here I’m posting these mocked photos. They are not made to hurt anyone. Kindly read our disclaimer for details.

Pic #1

     Perfect Expression: Arrange marriage talk- When a girl says she has no issues with occasional drinking.

drinking permission from wife expression

Pic #2

     Let me be clear. These are the somewhat thoughts of both the leaders. See the full 40 minutes  joint press conference here.

modi romantic meme

Pic #3

     Sorry AAP lovers. Meme’s cant be called meme’s without Mr. Kejriwal

merkel meme

Pic #4

     Every married person must need this much of courage.. He he.

modi marriage meme

Pic #5

     This one is dedicated to Gujratis. By the way, Mrs. Merkel looks cute, isn’t she?

modi dhokla meme

Pic #6

     Recent developments of Germany-USA relationship are perfect background for this pic-quote. Trump has been rough on Europe last week.

modi merkel trump meme

Pic #7

    This one is from Modi’s 2015 visit to boost Make in India initiative.

merkel meme robot

Pic #8

     Remember the famous Dil Chahta Hai song??

modi dil chahta hai

     Hope you enjoyed the pics. Do you have better quotes for Modi and Angela Merkel Meme? I would appreciate your inputs. This is the first time I have posted something like this. So, feedback is welcome. Like our Facebook page for latest updates. Have a great day.