Bring Pokemon GO to Windows Phone Or Else I Quit

pokemon go     Recently launched super hit augmented reality based game Pokemon Go is make buzz among the mobile users around the world. The same thing is worrying to Windows phone users like me for another reason; “Will it come to Windows Phone?”

     One of the Microsoft feedback hub representatives have replied positive on forum quoting the reasons behind not releasing the game on windows 10 mobile. Well, I don’t care the reasons; I just want this game on my mobile. The representative said they will contact the team for developing the game. Niantic.Inc is the developer of the game.

     In other story, windows store team is keen on getting the game on their store as they are receiving huge feedback about the same. More than 70,000 people have signed up the petition on for bringing the game on windows platform. In my view, this is bullshit! Why should I beg for a popular game? Windows team should know such things prior to their release. (Or at least they should promise users with a fixed deadline). After all they are in the same business line, aren’t they?

     This is it. I have worshiped windows phone for its uniqueness but this is going out of my imagination. Call it my affection towards augmented reality or just a frustration, I am done with Windows Phone. If they don’t release famous games like Pokemon Go on their so-called ‘best-in-class’ mobile platform, they don’t deserve users.

     Now-a-days, I am searching for my next laptop and have decided to pick up a 2-in1 convertible laptop. In few weeks, I will be searching for my next mobile phone. The release of Pokemon Go will decide whether to buy a windows phone or high-end Android Phone. Now, it’s up to Microsoft Developers team to change my favor. All the best developers.

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