3 Years of Modi Government

Pratik Joshi
3 years modi government
Prime Minister during All Party Meeting

     No election campaign is complete without promises to lure voter on three issues & India is no exception for this. In early days after independence, election campaigns are driven on manifestos of food, shelter, road & electricity.

     But in 2014 loksabha election we witnessed very different & unconventional promises by star campaigner of BJP & our present Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi. Looking at the election results, we can easily conclude that the promises made by Modi were all that new India wants to be fulfilled by their government.

     On the occasion of completion of 3 years in the chair by Modi government, let’s take an overview of promises made by PM & their current status.

1) Black Money

     The most popular promise made by PM Modi is to bring back all black money stacked in foreign countries & provide it directly to every citizen’s bank account.

     Most assuring step towards this is demonetization of 500₹ & 1000₹ currency notes. Demonetization turned stockpiles of black money to trashes. Also ₹65000 crore were recovered under Income Declaration Scheme.  But for those who are day dreaming about 15 lakh Rupees deposition in their account by govt after voting BJP, for them this government is surely under performer.

2) One Rank One Pension

     PM Modi also promised to solve the problem of providing OROP to army personal, which was came before every previous government & they deliberately failed to provide.

     After coming in power PM approved OROP in April 2016 & it is costing government 7488 crore in annual pensions & 10925 crore in arrears.

3) Independent & Active PM

     During campaign Mr. Modi directly hit hard on Dr. Manmohan Singh by questioning his independence to take decisions without Congress high command. Moreover, he criticized Dr Singh for being too silent or being man of few words in polite manner.

     We have seeing PM working as Pradhan Sevak for 18-20 hours day without single day gap. So no one can question his dedication & activeness.

4) Improvement in Foreign Policies

     The foreign policies during UPA govt were harshly criticized as they were based on state politics. For example; the dispute of border with Bangladesh is kept down to maintain vote bank in West Bengal on the other hand, PM Modi completed number of agreements with Bangladesh keeping larger good of nation in sight. Also same move is carried in case of Sri Lanka.

5) Pakistan Conflict

     Ever since the independence, our relations with our neighbor Pakistan are not so friendly, as Pakistan declared proxy war of terrorism against us. The lack of determination by UPA government to take action against heinous attack of 26/11 by Pakistan based terrorist is heavily attacked by BJP.

     Under his office the surgical strike on terrorist training camps is a remarkable achievement to increase moral of our armed forces. PM Modi brought India from defensive mode to aggressive mode.

6) Section 370 & Kashmir issue

     The section 370 of our constitution which gives special privilege to Jammu & Kashmir & make its pupil to feel different & not belonged to India. During campaign Modi said he will remove it if he comes into the power.

     Ever since Modi took charge of PMO, the Kashmir is stirring with stone pelting  incidents & violence. But the Kashmir issue is very complicated than we think. It cannot be solved in short period of time. It can be solved by improving living standards of people in Jammu and Kashmir. Recently on April 2, 2017, Chenani-Nashri road tunnel was inaugurated by PM. This is the longest road tunnel in India till date.

7) Unemployment eradication

     PM promised to eradicate the problem of unemployment by assuring that there will be employment for all.

     For this PM launched Make In India initiative to increase foreign direct investment (FDI) in India & improve the employment conditions of nation. The investment came in India under this scheme hasn’t reflected on ground. Rate of unemployment is soaring high. The upcoming nationwide educational policy may dissolve the unemployment issue.

8) Improvement in Agriculture Sector

     Prime Minister promised to boost growth & improvement in agriculture sector as most of population of India is involved directly or indirectly in this sector.

     For this, the schemes like Pradhan Mantri Sinchan Yojana & Pradhan Mantri Crop Insurance Scheme are in action. But result after 3 years about work carried out by government in agriculture sector is still point of concern.

9) 3 Years of Acche Din

     Who can forgot the popular BJP campaigning song during election rallies which made everyone to chant  “Acche din…… Aayenge”!!

     When we take overview of 3 years work of Mr. Narendra Modi as prime minister we can not forgot some notable works such as Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana, Swacha Bharat Abhiyan, Surgical strike, Demonetisation, Atal Pension Yojana, Give up gas subsidy, One Rank One Pension & improved efficiency and transparency of government. This work assuring us that Acche Din are about to come soon..

Kingmaker Kattappa – Loyal Slave Warrior of Mahishmati

sathyaraj kattappa kingmaker

Now as most of us have watched Bahubali 2 aka Bahubali: the conclusion, let me ask you one simple question;

“Which bahubali character you would like to be?”

I know the list is long. Some people will say Bahubali, some will name Bhallala deva. some will choose devasena while other will choose Sivagami devi. The quirky pals like me will go for KATAPPA!! Yes, Katappa.

Well, my reason for choosing katappa is quite interesting. If you have noticed the plot of the Bahubali 2, there were situations when the future of the Mahishmati kingdom was in the hands of Kattappa. Following is the list of such situations;

1. Rajmata Sivagami devi orders Katappa to kill Amarendra Bahubali. Katappa follows the order.

2. The moment Sivagami devi declares Mahendra Bahubali as new prince of Mahishmati, Kattappa follow his duty to protect Rajmata Sivagami devi (Queen Mother) from the enemy.

loyal kattappa

3. It was Katappa who revealed all past happenings of Mahishmati to Mahendra Bahubali in front of Devasena and decides to be on his side in the war.

4. Bijjala Deva tries to convince Katappa to kill Mahendra Bahubali when he breaks into the palace to take revenge.

Out of all situations, had kattappa behaved differently even in any one situation, the entire story would have been different. Being loyal to the kingdom, Kattapa has served his duties under all situations. I am impressed with Kattappa’s extreme loyalty to the crown. Being Bahubali is cool but being Kattappa needs devotion.

     In today’s selfish world, people like Kattappa inspire me to be loyal to my employer under all conditions. This is why I wouldn’t like to be Bahubali but Katappa because I don’t want to be a king, I want to be a KINGMAKER.

See the promotional video of Satyaraj as Kattappa made by Vel Records studios on youtube:

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