Hi, I am Pratik Joshi. I’m an Electrical Engineer, Engineering Teacher, Left-handed person, Ranian,  Blogger and most importantly, an Indian.  I am living onthis planet since last 25 years.


     I have huge interest in Computer and internet. When I’m not glued to my PC, I can be found teaching at institute, enjoying time with family, swimming, listening to music, enjoying weekend with friends, without which, I might perish.

 About YoursPJ.in

     Blogging is my passion. It gives me great pleasure while sharing my views on various topics. I am blogging since last 7 years on various platforms. Started on July 7, 2012, YoursPJ.in is all about my opinions on daily happenings around the world. It was formerly available on Blogger and WordPress platform since 2010.

My other blogs:

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