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     Renewable energy, especially solar is catching attention of everyone due its usability. Many of us know the advantages of renewable energy. We still rely ourselves on conventional energy sources. I think the scenario is slowly changing. Many people are choosing renewable products like solar cooker, solar water heater, etc. Once we buy new products, we change our WhatsApp status. So, if you are looking for WhatsApp status related to solar or renewable energy, here is the list;

  1. Hired sun for a new job, he runs my house ?
  2. The future is green, sustainable and renewable.
  3. Every rupee spent on nuclear is one less rupee spent on clean energy and
  4. To protect our future generations, Harness sun, wind and waters
  5. Are you ready for a crude crisis?
  6. Energy is future, make it bright, make it solar
  7. Think outside the Barrel! I mean Oil barrel!! Think about renewable
  8. Clean, Safe, Renewable. Why Not? blow wind, go ahead of the world
  9. Let the Sun do the work for me, let it run my PC, mobile, TV, and everything
  10. Create Jobs, Save Money & Keeps Lights on With 100% Renewable Energy
  11. Renew yourself today, otherwise the world will retard you tomorrow.
  12. Using renewable energy is first step of renewing your thoughts. Do it.
  13. Feeling proud to make mother earth happy. I’m using renewable energy
  14. Solar will sustain forever. What about coal n oil?
  15. Sexy sun is shining on rooftops

      If you have better status ideas, don’t hesitate to share them in comments.

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